Centuries - A piano performance

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The program

Long ago

From an unknown place long ago there comes the wanderer. We don't know who he is, we don't know where he comes from. We only know that he is a sort of observer who makes us think about the world. He seems to be neutral, he is not involved in big dramas, fights or crisises. He appears, observes and asks a simple question. Then he disappears again for 500 years in the mist of time.

Centuries and Centuries 2 Click here to watch YouTube video

These two are the essence of the program. Time and something that follows it as we live.


A simple motif has developed and takes place in time.

Carillon- Ave Maria (After the "Ave Maria de Lourdes)

Listening to the Carillon- As if time ceased to exist and melted into a few sounds.

Sa Tuna

The Mediterranian Sea appears. Sometimes it can be calm and sometimes there can be a sort of storm. My feelings are there.

Minimalistic Etude

Often when I talk with somebody about what means minimalistic style, they think it has to do with a minimal amount of notes. And always I need to explain that it has in fact to do with how you manage the accents.

Strong Moment and Forest Evening

These two pieces have been inspired from some motifs of my "Styx" program. They have grown and now they sound like this.


Midnight. Half time. Something has broken...

In The Peace Of The Night


Sunrise 2

When you reconstruct something there always appears the feeling about the unknown way that it will take. You can only look at it from a point of overview and wait.

Modern Times

A Question: do you mean that there could be ancient times? Can we really choose in which kind of time we want to be? For me the answer is clear. We need to be always in both.


Chidher finds a mountain. I have been there and it's there since more than 500 years. For sure are there some rocks from the beginning, who, could we ask them, would tell us that they have been there the whole time, but we can also find there some people walking, watching…and fort hem it could bet he first time that they have had this experience. Two times together in the presence. Real time has these things.

Towards The Light

At the beginning of the program we came from an unknown place/motif/piece far away and long ago in our history. Now we proceed into an equally unknown future.

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